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I was born in 1966 in Pskov, Russia (a part of Soviet Union at that moment). I became SWL in 1980 (UA1-149-89), and took my first steps in the air at youth club station UK1WAG. Many thanks to Anton Ivanenko, its trustee and first Elmer for myself and many other kids.

During my SWL days I used modified broadcast receivers to listen to amateur stations. I slightly modified my father’s solid state broadcast receiver to SWL on 40M, and retuned old tube broadcast receiver to listen on 20M and 15M. Considering solar activity at that time, this setup worked just fine, even with indoor antenna.

Me using solid state receiver :: 1980
Me using solid state receiver, 1980
My old tube receiver :: 1980
My old tube receiver, 1980

I got my first license in 1983 (UA1WDQ). In mid and late 80s I participated in contests as a member of club station UK1WAA/UZ1WWA together with two Andreis — Andrei Filippov (UA1WDF), and Andrei Ivanov (UA1WEJ).

Me and Andrei (UA1WDF) :: 1982
Me and Andrei (UA1WDF), 1982
Andrei (UA1WDF) :: 1982
Andrei (UA1WDF), 1982
Me at home :: 1986
Me at home, 1986

You can find QSL card images from those days here.

I gave up on HAM radio in 1992, paying more attention to my career and other hobbies.

After finding a job in USA in 2000, I settled down in Minnesota. I’ve got married in 2002, my wife’s name is Galina. Our only daughter Julia was born in September 2004. You can find a little more information about my family here.

One summer day in 2006 I bought shortwave broadcast receiver as a gift to my father, who still lives in Russia. This receiver had ability to receive SSB and CW as well. I tuned it to some amateur band, and realized — it is time for me to come back.

I got my US license in September 2006 (AC0ET). I did not make any QSOs using this sign, and immediately changed it to vanity call N1WQ to keep some similarity to my previous Russian call.

Me in the shack :: October 2006
Me in the shack, October 2006
Me in the shack :: November 2010
Me in the shack, November 2010


In September 2010 with great amount of help from Alex (RA1WZ) I restored my Russian license, and got the callsign RN1WQ.

Operating RA1WZ station as RN1WQ :: April 2011
Operating RA1WZ station as RN1WQ, April 2011
Alex (RA1WZ) and me at his station :: April 2011
Alex (RA1WZ) and me at his station, April 2011


I work as a network engineer. I got my equivalent of Masters Degree in Computer Science from Leningrad Polytechnical Institute in 1990. I started my carrier as a software developer, then in 1994 switched over to network engineering. I am Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certificate holder (CCIE #11415, Enterprise Infrastructure).

At one of my previous jobs in Russia :: 1999
At one of my previous jobs in Russia, 1999
At one of my previous jobs in US :: August 2004
At one of my previous jobs in US, August 2004



  1. Celso, HB9TNW   |  Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 12:32 PM

    Nice website and nice family ! Congreats and thanks for nice QSO.
    agn vy 73 de Celso

  2. Dan   |  Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 12:40 PM

    Tnx for info!
    Always nice to hear You!
    UA1-149-118, LY3MM J79MM now EI3JZ@EI7M

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