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My shack :: July 2011
My shack, July 2011


Communication Equipment

  • Transceiver: Kenwood TS-570D(G)
  • Power amplifier: Yaesu FL-7000 tuned by Bill Grassa, N4ATS, used only when really needed
  • Automatic antenna tuner: LDG AT-1000Pro (used with the amplifier)
  • Low pass filter: Bencher YA-1
  • Power supply: Astron RS-35M
  • Controller for remote antenna switch: 6-port RatPak from Array Solutions
  • Rotor controller: Yaesu G-800DXA
  • Headphones: Sony MDR-7506
  • Microphone: detachable boom assembly with HC-4 element from Heil Sound
  • Paddle: Bencher straight black

Power amplifier :: July 2011
Power amplifier, July 2011
Antenna tuner and transceiver :: July 2011
AT and the rig, July 2011

Antenna switch and rotor controllers :: October 2010
The controllers, Oct 2010
Power supply :: July 2011
Power Supply, July 2011

Paddle, headphones and microphone :: October 2010
Paddle, phones and mike, Oct 2010
Low pass filter :: July 2011
Low pass filter, July 2011


Computer Interfaces

  • Transceiver control and digital modes: BUXCOMM RASCAL GLX
  • Rotor control: K4JRG Rotor Control DXA USB
  • CW keyer: W1WEF parallel port CW keying interface Model 1

Rotor and transceiver control interfaces :: October 2010
Control interfaces, October 2010
CW keyer interface :: October 2010
CW keyer interface, October 2010


Computer Software

  • DXLab suite for logging, transceiver control, rotor control, digital modes, contesting, DX spotting, callbook lookups
  • Afreet Software applications for monitoring ionosphere conditions (IonoProbe), propagation prediction (HamCap), and working with maps and paths (DX Atlas)

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