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These are two awards, which were issued in 1980s (and perhaps later) for contacts with Pskov stations. The first is “Pskov” Award, for QSOs with stations of entire Pskov Region. The second is “Alexander Nevsky” Award, for QSOs with stations of Pskov City only.

The full name of “Pskov” award is “Pskov, the Cradle of Red Army, 1918”. The Red Army was officially established as Soviet Armed Forces on February 23rd, 1918, during Civil War fights near Pskov.

The Prince Alexander Nevsky was the ruler of Novgorod City (Novgorod Republic) in XIII Century. When Teutonic Knights of the Holy Roman Empire captured Pskov, then tried to invade Novgorod, Alexander Nevsky lead his army and Novgorod common people, freed Pskov, and fought the Knights on the ice of frozen Lake Chudskoe (aka Lake Peipus) near Pskov on April 5th, 1242. He won a glorious victory. This event established permanent border between Russia and Western Countries in this area for centuries (basically, it is the present border). In 1574 Alexnader was canonized by Russian Orthodox Church, so now he is called Saint Prince Alexander Nevsky.

Pskov :: Award
“Pskov” Award
Alexander Nevsky :: Award
“Alexander Nevsky” Award


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