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I have met my wife Galina in March 2001, here in Twin Cities. We got married in June 2002. Our only daughter Julia was born in September 2004.

Me and Galina :: April 2002
Me and Galina, April 2002
The Wedding :: June 29th 2002
The Wedding, June 29th 2002
Julia :: October 2004
Julia, October 2004


I am very thankful to my family for understanding and support. Without their help and patience I would never had all these great HAM toys I got now.

I am always trying to spend as much time as possible with my wife and daughter. Amateur radio is a great hobby, but this is just a hobby. The family, the people, who surround you, are far more important. Please never forget this.


Our Family :: December 2009
Our Family, December 2009

Our Family :: June 2010
Our Family, June 2010
Our Family :: October 2010
Our Family, October 2010


Our Family :: December 2012
Our Family, December 2012
Our Family :: August 2013
Our Family, August 2013


Our Family :: January 2015
Our Family, January 2015


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